Yinon Bar Shir

Yinon Bar-Shir The Traveler

Yinon Bar-ShirYinon Bar-Shir has always been interested in travel. He believes that exposure to new places and cultures inspires him to look at his own life from a new perspective. One particularly memorable tour took him through Southeast Asia. He spent two weeks in Cambodia, where his favorite sight was the great temple of Angkor Wat, though he also admired Wat Botum and Wat Phnom at the capital of Phnom Penh. He then stayed in Thailand for two weeks, in time to witness the water fight that takes place during Songkran, or the Thai New Year. Afterwards he visited the island of Sri Lanka for a week, touring the museums in Colombo.

Yinon Bar-Shir most recently returned from a two-week stay in Jamaica, where he saw the remains of Port Royal and spent much of the time scuba diving. He loves places of great natural beauty with diverse local wildlife. Before that, he toured Europe for six weeks. He visited Pamplona, Lyons, Venice and Berlin. Yinon Bar-Shir prefers such long vacations. He always comes back feeling not just rested, but also more informed and even a little wiser than he was before. His favorite souvenir to bring back from abroad is always a CD of local music, as he is an amateur musician himself.

Yinon Bar-Shir had his favorite travel experience, however, in the Indian city of Goa. He lived there for three and a half months, taking in the local culture. As a connoisseur of all kinds of music, Yinon Bar-Shir was attracted to Goa for its rich and unique musical traditions. From traditional Konkani songs and hymns, to classical music that fused Indian and Western influences, to the pop movement known as Goa trance, this city on India’s western coast inspired Yinon like nowhere else.

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